Podiatrists’ Professional Liability

“The Podiatrists Medical Malpractice Program”

  1. SAVINGS: “You saved us over $5700! THANK YOU so much!!!”
  2. UNPARALLELED MALPRACTICE EXPERTISE: “I’m amazed that the person handling our insurance is a lawyer who has litigated malpractice cases. I know that you understand how to best protect my practice.”
  3. DEEP POCKETS TO PAY CLAIMS: “I’m comfortable because your company has the highest AM BEST Rating in the industry, A++”
  4. NO MEMBERSHIP FEES: “I didn’t want to have to join an association or pay a membership fee.”
  5. FREE TAIL COVERAGE:  “I like the fact that when I retire I won’t have to pay extra for tail coverage.”
  6. ATTENTION TO DETAIL / PERSONAL SERVICE: “You fixed a serious flaw in our malpractice insurance our prior company never noticed. I also like dealing with one person”
  7. INTEREST FREE PAYMENT PLANS: “I like being able to pay in installments and not get charged interest or a service fee”

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May 10th, 2017 by Consumers Insurance Agency