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How the Wealthy Think About Money

A friend recently wrote about why he will never buy a timeshare. I’d like to share what he had to say with you. He wrote: “There are three major paradigm shifts. They are what I call prosperity perspectives. Consider the following: #1: COUNTING THE TOTAL COST The first is what I call counting ALL the costs of a purchase, the TOTAL COST. When we want... Read Article

Health in the News

Stay healthy with these simple tips: A healthy lifestyle isn’t that hard to achieve. Start with these basic tips for getting into good shape and staying there: Energy. For more energy that lasts longer, avoid sugar and eat foods like lentils, soybeans, couscous, and dried fruits. Water. Make sure that you drink plenty of water every day to replenish and cleanse your body. Happiness. Pop... Read Article

Explore and Overcome Your Fears

Most people feel fear, but successful people refuse to let it overcome them. You can learn to control your fear and rise to any challenge with this advice: Analyze your memories. Look back over your life. What situations have made you feel afraid? Do you see any common denominators? When was the last time you were afraid of something and did it anyway? Examine your... Read Article

The 3 Legal Ways to Build a Tax Free Retirement (Part 2)

The 3rd option is found within IRS Code 7702. It provides tax deferred growth and tax free access to cash value built up inside a life insurance contract. You have to be careful with this because if not done correctly you can lose your tax benefits, and your money. There are 3 different types of life insurance contracts that can provide tax advantage retirement cash... Read Article

The 3 legal ways to Build a Tax Free Retirement (Part 1)

There’s a reason why CPA Ed Slott, one of the nation’s leading tax expert, says that taxes are the biggest risk you’ll face in retirement. In order to cover the skyrocketing debt and obligations like social security and Medicare, tax rates must double in order to pay for everything. Don’t believe me? Just ask David M. Walker, former Comptroller General for the US Government Accountability... Read Article